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    Hua Wei Abrasives specializes in surface treatment of materials production and sales, after years of talent introduction and technological transformation, with superb R & D technology, multi-channel supply system and a high business reputation, the industry has become the R & D, production and Sales of modern industrial technology.
The main products are all kinds of spraying sand material (iron ore, ceramic sand, glass sand, corundum, silicon carbide, white fused alumina, plastic sand, garnet sand, walnut sand, silicon carbide, stainless steel balls, steel grit , Cast iron balls); domestic / import polishing material (polishing wax, cloth wheel, Ma wheel, nylon wheel, polishing powder, polishing cloth, polishing fluid, KOYO polishing series, etc.); grinding consumables (grinding stone, grinding fluid, light Agents, lubricants, surface grinding fluids, grinding fluids, etc.); polished drawing materials (polished films, polishing films, nylon rollers, nylon wheel, sandpaper belt, cloth wheel, cloth pieces, wheels, wing ); cleaning materials (except water, wax, rust agent, rust inhibitor, degreasing powder for alcohol, etc.) and other related surface treatment related supplies, Gwangyang Society of Japan KOYO series of polishing agents at the regional level Products , Hua Wei own brand spray iron ore can replace imports of iron ore, to fill the job of painting a blank. Agents of foreign brands are Japanese Gwangyang (KOYO), Norton (NORTON), West (ZIRPRO), buffalo (NCA), Japan Institute (NIKKEN), deer licenses (DEER), RIKEN, Fuji Star, Warrior, Double Eagle , HERMES, HESS, etc. ......

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