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Product Name: Pomegranate sand Model: various
Brand: Domestic/HW
Negotiable, quantity is with preferential treatment
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25 kg/bag
High hardness. Great. The chemical stability than. Self sharpness sex
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Basic Description:
Now recommend an efficient economy surface treatment of environmental protection of new material - pomegranate ShiSha. In various spray dilly expected, the advantage of garnet basically has the following: one, little dust; Surface spray with pomegranate sand grinding process, because of its high proportion in injection process, so the dust produced less. It guarantees the operator's health and safety, improve the operator's visibility. Compared with slag slag forming process is (with cold water or even high temperature cooling water, so forming is glass phase structure, with brittle), because the jets crisp, slag comparison in grinding process, easy to be smashed form small particles. Due to the smaller, slag proportion caused little slag particles suspended in the air, causing pollution to the environment. Similarly, quartz sand is also a very fragile abrasive. The jets in the grinding process, can produce a lot of harmful to human body and the environment have serious pollution the sour dust. This dust once breathed in, easily lead to illness and even cancer silicosis. Second, high efficiency; Pomegranate sand, under certain pressure under the role of, can with the sharp edges quickly hit surfaces, so was seen as a very quick spray grinding way. The acceleration of the particles in the air and speed is the inertia and grain size of effects. The smaller the grain, accelerate is easier, so can produce higher wallop impact surfaces, resulting in a very high speed of cleaning -- normally, this rate (m2 / hr) than other conventional abrasive twice as fast. Three, low loss; Pomegranate sand particle size, ensure unique hit a more effective particle surfaces (such as sand, 30 to 60 orders per kilogram can produce 11 million particles impact surfaces, and conventional slag as 20 mesh, can produce 100 million particles impact surface), which use pomegranate sand can largely reduce the loss - can often abrasive save 1/3 of the conventional abrasive. Four, the surface processing high quality; Pomegranate sand jet mill process in the deep into the surface, can arrive in caves and potholes and naked, metal surface, therefore it can thoroughly remove all the rust, water soluble salts material and other pollutants. After processing the metal surface very clean and free of inserts, quality easily can achieve SIS standard SA3 level. With uniform on unit area of 50-75 micron peak is bright and clean surface structure can easily achieve. Relative to character, because slag (such as copper slag, ni slag etc) rough sharp Angle, the jets after grinding residue in steel surface extremely easily, every square metre of about 500 grain, resulting in failure of early and coating and coating into effect not beautiful. Five, environmental protection; Different from any conventional injection, pomegranate sand grinding materials is a sort of natural mineral, internal does not contain non-toxic silicosis disease caused the free silicon harmful substances, excluding toxic heavy metals or radioactive pollutants. In the operating process, because the product proportion bigger, rarely produce dust, effectively ensure the health of the operator. In addition, low consumption and the use of recycled characteristics can greatly reduce the waste product use capacity and cost after. Six, can recycle Pomegranate sand very applicable to various fields. Normally, it can be repeated use 5 times. If after five times haven't lost its cutting ability, cycle times can be more. In no cutting ability, pomegranate sand can recycle applied to the construction industry, as cement add material. Seven, without changing existing sand-blasting device eight, price moderate, high ratio of current international garnet prices at moderate price, due to performance and so on various aspects of abrasive, slag is far higher than the price has far below the high value abrasive, so high ratio of garnet abrasive. Pomegranate sand with its superior performance and the price of economic material benefit widely by the international jet mill industry's favor. At present mainly used for the following a few big industry: - * shipbuilding, ship repairing industry, refined factory, warehouse maintenance and installation of equipment * chemical plant and building maintenance and repair of the old nuclear power plant and coal-fired power plants, drainage equipment factory and gas factory, desalination workshop, industrial workshop * container and building maintenance, box trucks, trains container, long distance bus * aircraft industry, maintenance including non-ferrous metal surface and turbine blades * sculpture surfaces such as glass, granite, marble and buildings cleaning, building industry and steel structure * used for high pressure water jet cleaning equipment To sum up, pomegranate sand is a kind of ideal efficient environmental protection gush grinding materials, worth domestic vast enterprise trying to use. Is now widely used in sandblasting, derusting, optics, electronics, building materials, machinery processing, instruments and apparatus, printing, grinding, stone, rubber, hydraulic jet and cutting industry. Special nearly 10 years with garnet up for waterworks pressure filter instead of quartz sand or gravel, as the abrasive applications even an emerging application materials o Its advantage is: the sand price level less than one third of corundum, level 2 corundum half, but function and corundum differ from ratio, can see is the domestic currently the best natural abrasive o

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