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Product Name: Plastic sand (resin sand, plastic sand) Model: Various specifications
Brand: Domestic/HW
Negotiable, quantity is with preferential treatment
Set volume
25 kg/bag
Good toughness and economically: reduce costs, reduce clean and the treatment cost, reducing the processing time.
Space and defense maintenance, electronic industry and industrial tools dimension, non-iron metals high precision products industry, food industry, household articles etc maintenance.
At any time
Basic Description:
USES: mainly used for high precision divide lacquer and the lower surface cleaning. Such as aluminum, magnesium, plastic and synthesis, etc CYSTRIP - U this plastic sand is suitable for all kinds of surface, can quickly and no damage to clean up the engine microactivity, mold inside surface, film and coating. CYSTRIP - M used in electronic industry, including printed circuit board of cleaning, and soft basal surface to smear, reflective, surface cleaning, etc. CYSTRIP - A used for no damage and deformation under the condition of surface or plate surface delicate dry cleaning, also widely used in aviation industry pieces of the fuselage, remove paint.

1, paint and remove skin. If the aircraft fuselage, aircraft components.

2, communications equipment. Such as galvanized sheet steel, glass fiber or nylon component.

3 and clean. Such as surface sealants, automobile components, nuclear purification, from the ashes of the carbon hard shell.

4, surface treatment. If derusting, electroplating prior to paint processing.

Five, the precision of the substrate products. Such as magnesium, titanium, anodic alumina, glass fiber, etc.

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