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Product Name: Stainless steel pill Model: Various specifications
Brand: Domestic/HW
Negotiable, quantity is with preferential treatment
Set volume
25 kg/bag
Stainless steel pill an environmentprotected and effective surface gush arenaceous material handling, use s brand stainless steel pill as surface treatment materials can prevent be processed object surface discolouration, again corrosion rusty,; To be processed object surface cleaning, bright, smooth don't have to do any surface treatment; Extend the life of sandblasting equipment; Shorten sandblasting processing time.
Surface spraying
At any time
Basic Description:
Precision electronic components peen-forming processing, precision gears and rust-cleaning of processing Lu: xingcai removing surface extrusion lines, copper aluminum tubing surface delicate shot peening Lu: xingcai removing surface extrusion lines, precision die casting surface delicate shot peening Magnesium alloy die casting aluminum zinc oxide skin, to flash to be the stamping burr, the processing, metal computer accessories grind arenaceous processing Water pump shell, cover, such as motor vehicle handling, electric tools refinement appearance of and pneumatic components shot peening treatment Automobile engine, gearbox shell of cylinder head shot peening treatment Automobile engine 1800s and exhaust pipe, the engine block and other large die casting, casting a cleaning light the whole, marble surface effect handling and anti-skidding processing. Wheels of automobiles, engine shell surface treatment Large casting a shot peening treatment, granite, marble dozen hair antiskid processing

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